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National Traffic and Road Closure Information
Click on a State for Traffic and Closure Information.

NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Traffic Safety and Occupant Protection

National Traffic Enforcement Association
Promoting the interests of traffic enforcement officers

The National Traffic System
The National Traffic System plan is a means for systematizing amateur traffic handling facilities by making a structure available for an integrated traffic facility designed to achieve the utmost in two principal objectives: rapid movement of traffic from origin to destination, and training amateur operators to handle written traffic and participate in directed nets.

Freight Audit & Traffic Management Services at NTS
National Traffic Services are Freight Auditors, Freight Negotiators, TrafficManagement Specialists. The firm provides freight audit and traffic management services.

NTSI Welcomes You
APPROACH – The National Traffic Safety Institute, established in 1974,offers a new approach to driving safety.

Federal Highway Administration Home Page
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation and is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with field offices across the United States.

National Traffic Law Center
The American Prosecutors Research Institute’s National Traffic Law Center (NTLC) is a resource designed to benefit prosecutors. The mission of the NTLC is to improve the quality of justice in traffic safety adjudications by increasing the awareness of highway safety issues through the compilation, creation and dissemination of legal and technical information and by providing training and reference services.

National Traffic Attorney Network – FREE lawyer referral system
The National Traffic Attorney Network has been helping people with speeding tickets and other traffic citations since 1989. We refer people with speeding tickets or other traffic citations to attorneys skilled in ticket defense. Our attorneys are located along the nation’s interstate highways.

National Traffic Systems, Inc.
“We will find the best deal for your shipping dollar”…

Center for National Truck Statistics Home Page
The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Center for National Truck Statistics was established in 1988 to formalize a developing national program to collect and analyze truck accident and travel data.

PUBLIC ROADS On-Line (Spring 1996) – The National Highway System … 
Transportation is about people and how they go about their daily lives, how they get to work, how they get to market, how they get their children to school, how they get to visit family and friends, and how they pursue happiness

Trade and Transportation Corridors
The NRS produces a profile of the volume and characteristics of trucktraffic on the Canadian National Highway System.

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